(LI) Large Intestine Meridian

Consult your doctor before using acupressure, as you would with any new treatment.

CAUTION: DO NOT use LI-4 if you are pregnant
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    Acupressure Points - LI - Large Intestine -- on Hand

    LI Hand acupressure points LI-1

    Location: .1 cun posterior to the corner of the nail on the radial side of the index finger.

    TCM acupressure - eye pain, ear pain*, eye and ear inflammation, toothache, sore throat, fevers, comas, swelling of submandibular region ...


    Acupressure Points - LI -2  - Large Intestine -- on Hand


    Location: On the radial side of the index finger distal to the second metacarpophalangeal joint in a depression at the border of the red and white skin.

    TCM acupressure: increases or decreases saliva production and affects the areas of the brain involved in saliva production. Useful for dry mouth (xerostomia).  

    See Research: Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) changes and saliva production associated with acupuncture at LI-2 acupuncture point: a randomized controlled study  

    Acupressure Points - LI -3  - Large Intestine -- on Hand


    Location: Radial side of the index finger, adjacent to the head of the second metacarpal bone.

    TCM acupressure: Diarrhea.

    Acupressure Points - LI -4  - Large Intestine -- on Hand


    Location: muscular portion of the hand between the thumb and first finger.

    Precautions: Not to be used during pregnancy.

    TCM acupressure: Improves immunity, used for facial problems - sense organs, mouth, teeth, jaw, toothache, allergies, rhinitis, hay fever, acne, eye problems, and so forth.

    Toothache use both LI-4 & ST-44 (foot point) - LI for the lower jaw & ST for the upper jaw. Used for headaches (especially frontal and sinus).

    (To influence circulation of Chi and Blood - sse the four gates, LI-4 & LV-3 (foot point) to move Chi and Blood in the body clearing stagnation and alleviating pain.)

    Used to promote labor

      The TMJ Society of California advocates LI-4 treatment for both headaches and the pain associated with the jaw condition temporomandibular disorder, or TMJ.

    Acupressure Points - LI -5  - Large Intestine -- on Hand

    LI 5

    Location: Radial side of the dorsal crease of the wrist, thumb pointing upward, in a depression between extensor pollicis longus and brevis tendons. TCM acupressure: Used for weakness of the wrist and as a local point for wrist pain and pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

    * A doctor should be contacted, according to the National Institute of Health, if earache symptoms do not improve within 1 - 2 days, or if an earache is accompanied by high fever, swelling, dizziness, facial muscle weakness, or severe headache.

    Acupressure Points of the Hand LU Lung Meridian Hands and Wrist


    This acupressure information is not a substitution for qualified medical advice or treatment. If you don't know what is causing your pain or other symptoms, consult a medical doctor before begin to treat yourself.
  • Never press on an open wound, swollen or inflamed skin, a bruise, surgery scar, varicose vein, or broken bone.
  • Avoid acupressure or consult your physician if you have a contagious disease, an infectious skin disease, or a serious heart, kidney, or lung disorder.
  • Avoid acupressure in the area of a known tumor.
  • Acupressure should not be applied directly over the lymph nodes.
  • Certain acupressure points must be avoided during pregnancy. Always consult a physician first.

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    Chi Focus Bands and Wristbands - not a magnetic band, power wristband, or power band but negative ion bracelet used with acupressure.