SI Small Intestine Meridian

Consult your doctor before using acupressure, as you would with any new treatment.

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    Acupressure Points - SI-  Small Intestine -- on Hand

    SI Hand acupressure points

    Location: .1 cun posterior to the corner of the nail on the ulnar side of the little finger.

    TCM acupressure: Breast disorders of any origin, insufficient lactation, mastitis, breast abscess, cysts.
    Eye redness, sore throat, earache, tinnitus, stiff tongue, dizziness, headache loss of consciousness.
    Local point for problems of the little finger and the course of the channel - pain and/or weakness of the arm and/or shoulder. 

    Acupressure Points - SI-2  -  Small Intestine -- on Hand


    Location: At the ulnar end of the crease when the hand is in a loose fist, distal to the fifth metacarpophalangeal joint at the junction of the red & white skin. TCM acupressure: Local point for pain, swelling, numbness of the fingers.

    Tinnitus, headache, sore throat, neck, ear pain, eye pain or swelling.  

    Acupressure Points - SI-3  -  Small Intestine -- on Hand


    Location: When the hand is in a loose fist, at the ulnar end of the distal palmar crease proximal to the 5th metacarpal phalangeal joint at the junction of the red & white skin. (Generally found by sliding your finger along the outside of your hand towards your pinky finger stopping in the depression before you get to the pinky joint.)

    TCM acupressure: Pain in the scapula, arm or hand. Stiff neck, back pain or neck pain, cervical strain or sprain. Occipital headaches.
    Night sweats, combine with HT 6.
    Clears eye redness, inflammation, dizziness, earache, sore throat and tinnitus.
    Calms the spirit, anxiety, and manic depression.  

    Acupressure Points - SI-4  -  Small Intestine -- on Hand


    Location: On the ulnar side of the palm in a depression between the base of the 5th metacarpal joint and the hamate bone.

    TCM acupressure: Local point for arm, shoulder, hand and wrist stiffness or pain. Useful point to treat swelling, contracture, swelling and stiffness problems with all fingers. Used for headache, neck pain and jaundice.

    Acupressure Points - SI-5  -  Small Intestine -- on Hand


    Location: On the ulnar end of the transverse wrist crease in a depression between the styloid process of the ulna and the triquetral bone. (Near the wrist, on the pinky-side of the hand; a finger's width under the crease of the wrist, in the depression just above the bone that sticks out. (Not straight above the bone, but directly below the pinky finger.)

    TCM acupressure: Local point for hand and wrist pain or stiffness, neck or shoulder pain and swelling. Used for toothache or lockjaw; calms the spirit.

    Focus - improves concentration, reduces distractability. Clarity of mind.  

    Acupressure Points of the Hand SI-6 Small Intestine and  Acupuncture Point


    Location: Dorsal to the head of the ulna in the body cleft on the radial side of the styloid process (palm facing the chest).

    TCM acupressure: Acute or severe pain, in the neck, shoulder or arms. Useful point for treating elderly patients, deafness, tinnitus, failing vision, upper body/limb stiffness.

    Overwork or overstrain, fatigue in the extremities.

    Acupressure Points of the Hand  Small Intestine and  Acupuncture Point


    This acupressure information is not a substitution for qualified medical advice or treatment. If you don't know what is causing your pain or other symptoms, consult a medical doctor before begin to treat yourself.
  • Never press on an open wound, swollen or inflamed skin, a bruise, surgery scar, varicose vein, or broken bone.
  • Avoid acupressure or consult your physician if you have a contagious disease, an infectious skin disease, or a serious heart, kidney, or lung disorder.
  • Avoid acupressure in the area of a known tumor.
  • Acupressure should not be applied directly over the lymph nodes.
  • Certain acupressure points must be avoided during pregnancy. Always consult a physician first.

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