CHI FOCUS BANDSTM Negative Ion Measurement

Measurement of Negative Ion Level in Chi Focus Band

Negative Ion Count - not on Wristband Negative Ions*
Negative Ion Count - near Wristband Negative Ions next to Chi Focus Band

* Air Ion Tester
  • Ion test range between 1 104 to 1999 104 ions/cc
  • Resolution: 1 104 ions/cc

    How Positive and Negative Ions Have Been Reported by Various Sources to Affect the Human Body

      Negative Ions Positive Ions
    Blood vessels Dilate blood vessels Constrict blood vessels
    Blood Pressure Stabilize BP Increase BP
    Blood Composition Increase alkalinity Increase acidity
    Bones Strengthen bones Weaken bones
    Urinary tract Promote urination
    Suppress urination
    Respiration Stabilize respiration and fascilitate breathing Accelerate respiration
    Pulse rate Decrease pulse rate Increase pulse rate
    Heart Enhance heart function Impair heart function
    Energy Level Speed physical recovery Prolong physical recovery
    Autonomic Nervous System Calm and relax nerves Tense and strain nervous system
    Growth Promote healthy growth Suppress and delay growth

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    Negative Ions - Measurement of Negative Ion Wristband

    The Chi Focus Band is the favorite of elite athletes for whom balance, strength and flexibility are important as well as students and individuals seeking focus in their lives.


    Chi Focus Bands and Wristbands - not a magnetic band, power wristband, or power band but negative ion bracelet used with acupressure.