Users Review & Recommend CHI Focus Bands

"Works great for auditions too"
Kristanna Loken

Terminatrix Chi Band Testimonial

"Chi Bands ... give me more energy, help me assimilate oxygen and just increase my overall feeling of well-being in a very substantial way... Chi Bands give my punch, more punch..."
Glenn Arnold
Karate Master

Terminatrix Chi Band Testimonial

"I just got back from Utah and my son didn't get car sick with it on so I was super happy ..."
Tina P., Nevada

Acupressure Testimonial car traveling and nausea
Chi Band at work
"I wear my Chi Focus Band every day! It gives me more energy at work."

I had nausea from antibiotics I was taking after my wisdom teeth were removed. I used the acupressure point on my wrist and it got rid of the nausea!"

Shoulder pain Chi Band Testimonial

"It's hard to believe what an immediate difference it made for my Carpal Tunnel pain when I pressed the Chi Band below my thumb on my wrist. Thank you so much. I wear my band constantly."
Laurel W., Chicago

Carpal Tunnel recommendation

"I could concentrate better and things seemed clearer the first day I wore my Chi Band to school. Now, if I start to daydream in class, I just press the focus point on the outside of my wrist. It's really great for me and my friends all think it looks really cool."
Mari H., 14 year-old student

Students and Chi Band Acupressure

"I had pain in my left shoulder during a workout. I used the Chi Focus Band's Acupressure point on my right wrist, and the pain went away!"
Chi Band and POS System

Shoulder pain Chi Band Testimonial

"No more analgesics - I took so many for headaches that I was nauseated. I got the Chi Band for my nausea which it helped right away. Then I started using the acupressure point above my thumb*. Wow -- now my headaches are going away. After 4 years of headaches at least 3 times per day and tons of aspirin -- Thank you!"
Kelsey P., Long Island

Fear of flying and nausea

"I had to fly right after I got my new band and I have always had a terrific fear of flying. My stomach also feels terrible especially during take-offs. I pressed the 'nausea' point off and on with the band and was surprised to realize that I felt much better through the whole flight. It fixed my stomach and actually relaxed me so the entire experience was much, much better!"
Shelly R., Davenport, IA

Headache and Chi Band Acupressure

"Chi Bands are helping me push through my entire workout with more energy. I wear one on each wrist -- and feel more balanced. If I hit a wall, I use the bands and manage to work through it. Thanks!"
Justin C.

Chi Band Workout

"Working to make the world a little better;
one wrist at a time.
Press on."
~ Chi Bands

Modern science is just beginning exploration of benefits of negative ions.

The Chi Focus Band combines 'the best of both worlds' - state-of-the-art negative ion technology and ancient wisdom. Chi Focus Band user reviews report enhanced focus, clarity, balance and strength as well as reduced tension, pain, and discomfort.

Wear the Chi Focus Band. Live the difference. Live FOCUSED!

The Chi Focus Band is the favorite of elite athletes for whom balance, strength and flexibility are important as well as students and individuals seeking focus in their lives.

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Chi Focus Bands and Wristbands - not a magnetic band, power wristband, or power band but used with acupressure.